Digital Diario.


Digital Diario is a journalism website which goal is to broadcast content from Mexico to the world trying to open a gate to reporters from vulnerable groups in order to collaborate with the gender equity into this industry. Our target audience are citizens worldwide, this is why our content, besides of being written in the native language of the author will be translated to English. We will try to change the way power is distributed along people in our society.


Democratize our society allowing people to know what is happening in its community and try to support this effort on the international community.


This is a website which content are news, investigative journalism, specials reports, opinion, etc., everything from Mexico to the world. All contents at the website will be ruled by the following values:

  • This should be a very inclusive organization, no matter age, gender, religion, race, physical condition, sexual orientation, or some other kind of diversity, you’ll have access to the site as a content creator and obvious, as audience.
  • This should be a highly visual website, which means, even though all kinds of expression will be allowed, we will give priority to texts with photos, video and audio, in order to offer graphic communication, video and audio streaming, device responsiveness and so, being a democratic media where anybody could offer content to others.
  • Democratic media, as mentioned above, not only everybody could reach a writer position (content creation), but everybody will have right of reply too. No matter who is the counter part, if anyone of us believe our being was damaged some how, because of any content published, could be objected by any legal way and posted in the same media, exactly where the damage was caused.
  • Truthfulness will be the only censorship criteria for this media. A writer and members of the audience will be evaluated based on the quality of the information provided, as more successes sums, each one’s qualification will be higher. And, success will be measured by the quality of evidence which supports your say. On the contrary, finally you’ll loose the right to submit or demur content.
  • After all, this website pretends to be amusing. Our team will avoid taunt people or events, but should try make the information we provide some way unconcerned, cool. Except when we are dealing with human rights violations, inequity, gender violence, murders and deaths, wars, genocides, racism, terrorists attacks, and any other hurts against humanity.
  • Our team will support gender equity promoting positions to be taken by: in first, women and girls from minority ethnic groups, second, women from vulnerable groups, third, women and finally to the rest of the population. Besides, promoting and publishing contents related to the construction of gender equity.
  • Solidarity will be a regular activity in our website, every time we will be asked to help any cause which involves the life of at least one human being we will sum our efforts in order to provide support to the cause of this individual or group.
  • Respect for the dignity of being which means that our content, even though could be rude or crude, always will try to support the dignity of the being, nevertheless is human or any other kind.